How to Get Qualified Backlinks Communities

How to Get Qualified Backlinks Communities (Modification Footprint)

How to get EDU backlinks indeed was a warm conversation in every seo forum, to be able to successfully search for a quality backlink is indeed not easy to find backlinks from other domains such as .com, .org, .gov and many other domains of references that I .. Communities can ways Finding a quality backlink turns out we can do in a way that is easy and cool. One way that you should try is to capitalize footprint, what is the footprint? is an order to the search engines to look for traces of the text where there is a relevant keywords to be followed. Well, actually there is a free website service provider footprint as Drop My Link, but if we can get a little creative use separate commands in the use of the footprint, there will be many variations of text commands that can be modified itself.

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EDU quality backlinks
.EDU Domains that could be done easily ..

Below are examples of ways to get quality backlinks from Domain Communities .EDU we can do easily ..

How to Find Free .EDU Backlinks footprint Qualified with Google Search

To search .EDU backlinks it turns out is not as easy as we think but with a little trick using Google's search engine we will be very easy to get thousands .EDU blog or forum that allows us to leave a comment or create a free profile.
Backlinks from .EDU Blogs
Please go to Google search and type in a query like the following.
site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
Well, there will be a lot of search results with the above command footprint, explain that you are looking for a site with a domain ending in .edu, and the site has the text "post a comment" which means post a comment, not a lot of Situs2 edu with command footprint on top of that you can titipi comment form + anchor text links, but if you can modify it slightly with a command like (site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" keyword of your choice), then it will show up in searches that contain the word key you typed earlier.

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And the following are also examples .edu footprint that you can modify yourself.
site: .edu "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
site: .edu "Powered by ExpressionEngine" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" - "comments closed" - "you must be logged in"
Backlinks from .EDU Forum Profile
Please type and search query like the following one line 1 search and please your own modifications according to the keywords you want. (More relevant)
site: .edu "  powered by   vbulletin"   inurl:   "rgister"
site: .edu "  powered  by  phpBB" inurl: "  regiter"
site: .edu "powered by PunBB" inurl: "register"
site: .edu "powered by SMF" inurl: "register"
site: .edu "  powered by IPB"   inurl:  "register"
site: . edu inurl:  CreateUser.aspx
site: . edu inurl: register.aspx
site: .edu inurl:   "wp -sig nup.php"
site: .edu "powered by Ex pressionEngine"
site: .edu "powered by vB ulletin" inurl: "regis ter.php"
"Lea ve a com men t" site:  .edu
"Reply to  post" s ite: .edu

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Well, once applied techniques footprint above, it is an average of .edu sites have nofollow backlink, do not worry about nofollow backlink status, due basically to the latest google algorithm, backlinks more types nofollow on notice for not considered as spam. but not berrarti phenomenon dofollow backlinks are no longer used or not qualified. SEO is Art, however, you are required to be creative in looking for a backlink, have a source of unique backlinks from different domains to be more influential nice to your web.





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